Kit-Kat Challenge 2011!

Off the back of the successful Kit-Kat Challenge last year, RateMyPlacement & Nestlé are running this year’s competition in recognition of Kit-Kat’s 75th Birthday. One lucky winner will be celebrating Christmas in style this year with a Giant Kit-Kat! The 3kg four-finger Giant Kit-Kat is the size of a laptop and has been specially made for this campaign!

So what do you have to do to win this? Answer the following five tick-box questions and then add your own caption to one of the four iconic images below. The winner will be the one with most correct questions accompanied by the most innovative, amusing and entertaining caption in relation to the picture…Good luck!

Question 1: When was Kit-Kat launched?
Question 2: The total weight of all the Kit-Kat products produced each year in the UK is equivalent to:
Question 3: How many Kit-Kat Senses bars were sold in the first year?
Question 4: When was the Kit Kat Chunky Launched?
Question 5: The caption competition – add at least one caption…

What are your university start and end dates?

Nestlé offer a range of opportunities for both undergraduates and graduates. You can join us as a summer intern which will enable you to gain priceless commercial experience or as a placement student where you will be given real responsibility and the chance to make a lasting impact on the Company.

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Opportunities with Nestlé Application Deadline
Industrial Placement – Engineering Friday, 4th February 2011
Nestle Sales Internships Friday, 4th February 2011
Industrial Placement – Information Systems Friday, 4th February 2011
Industrial Placement – Nutrition Friday, 4th February 2011

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